About Conformis Videos

About Conformis Videos

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About Conformis

High Performance Published In Medical Journals

The high performance of Conformis’ patient-specific knee implants has been researched and published in multiple, reputable, peer-reviewed medical journals over the past decade.

From Image to Implant

From Image to Implant - How Conformis Implants are Manufactured

Have you ever wondered how our patient-specific knee implants are made? This video takes you through how we take the scan of your knee and turn it into an implant! Watch to see this one-of-a-kind design and manufacturing process.

Why Conformis

Why Should You Consider a Conformis Implant?

Learn about Conformis' patient-specific knee implants and discover why a Conformis implant could be for you!

Sobre a Conformis

Começamos com uma ideia simples: fazer com que o implante se encaixe ao paciente, ao invés de forçar o paciente a se encaixar ao implante

Sobre a Conformis


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