Post-Pandemic Recovery

Conformis is dedicated to meeting the objectives of all stakeholders by enabling surgeons to once again treat high volumes of knee and hip joint patients, safely and efficiently

Conformis strongly believes that we are well-positioned to help hospitals and ASCs grow again after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over because our standard business operations are designed to rapidly scale up production of implants and instruments.

We can produce just-in-time inventory with minimal instrumentation to enable you to meet the pent-up demand for surgeries.

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General Challenges We Foresee Once Elective Surgeries Begin to Ramp Up Again

  • Bottleneck for rescheduled surgeries
  • Increased volume of daily surgeries, including weekend procedures
  • And with these high volumes, less experienced 2nd, 3rd, and weekend shift personnel will inevitably be called into service
  • The rapid transition of many joint replacement surgeries to ASCs

Challenges We Foresee for Traditional Off-the-shelf Organizations and Implants

  • Traditional lean off-the-shelf operations will likely face challenges when manufacturing new instrument sets to handle short term volume spikes
  • There will likely be limited availability of implants, which will lead to back-orders
  • Hospital sterilization departments will face lengthy backlogs, and
  • Hospitals will incur significant staffing and overtime costs to meet the high demand
  • Finally, existing instrumentation requirements, such as 24-hour prior delivery policies, and the flashing or turning of trays, will create challenges

Conformis Offers Solutions to these Challenges

Fortunately, Conformis’ solutions are designed to help you to avoid or at least minimize most of these challenges, while safely and effectively keeping pace with demand:

  • Just-in-time, sterilized, patient-specific instruments that are designed to minimize infection rates and to avoid consuming your limited Sterile Processing Department capacity
  • Not needing a multitude of instrument trays should lower costs related to sterilization, staffing, and demand, and turnover times will not be prolonged

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