If It’s Not Conformis, It’s Not Patient-Specific

Every Conformis patient gets a knee replacement that is designed specifically for them.

The only truly patient-specific total knee replacement implants

Unlike typical off-the-shelf knee replacement surgeries (where the surgeon selects an implant from a limited range of sizes), Conformis utilizes your individual CT scan data to manufacture a knee replacement implant designed just for you. Here are some key differences to better understand why this is important.

Individualized, patient-specific knee implant fit: Conformis implants are designed based on your anatomy. Off-the-shelf knee implants are designed based on a set of pre-determined measurements, and the “closest fit” is selected at the time of surgery.

Maintenance of the natural joint line: did you know you have two joint lines in each knee? One is on the medial side, the other is on the lateral side, and they can be different heights. Conformis is the only technology that maintains both joint lines through the use of individual polyethelene inserts rather than a single piece used in off-the-shelf implants.

Designed for optimal bone preservation: Preserving as much of the patient’s natural knee as possible is important and the unique design of the Conformis implant allows for optimal bone preservation. The implants are patient-specific and have been shown to be thinner than off-the-shelf implants, without sacrificing strength. A thinner implant allows for less bone and healthy tissue removal1.

Patient Advocates

Patient Advocates

Conformis Patient Advocates are real patients who are living with a Conformis knee replacement (some more than one!). You may have questions that can best be answered by someone who has had a similar knee joint replacement experience.

Our Patient Advocates are here to help answer questions about full knee replacement recovery and more.

Dave Lintz

Dave's knee pain was so severe prior to surgery that it kept him off the golf course and dance floor for years. Now that he has two patient-specific knees, he is able to dance and golf again.

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Darvina Heichemer

Darvina was always active, as a downhill skier, cheerleader and hiker. She had her total knee done as an outpatient procedure and was home the same day.

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Mike Eisner

Yoga instructor Mike also enjoys climbing trees in his spare time. When his past injuries caused his knee to deteriorate to the point of knee replacement, he discovered the difference a patient-specific knee can make.

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Patient Advocates

Our unique process

Our proprietary software uses CT scan data to design an implant and set of instrumentation that will match precisely to the 3D model of the knee, correcting the data for any underlying arthritic deformity such as bone spurs, cysts or flattening of the joint.

Our disposable, patient-specific iJig® instrumentation is manufactured using the latest in 3D printing technology, and our single-use implant kit is delivered pre-sterilized a few days before surgery, removing the inventory from hospital shelves. This also allows for rapid design improvements that can be implemented immediately.

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1. In a study by W. Kurtz titled “Patient-Specific Knee Replacement Implants Preserve Bone and Decrease Blood Loss & Swelling” presented at the 2013 BASK Annual Meeting, comparing 66 iTotal patients with 66 patients receiving one off-the-shelf implant brand (Zimmer NexGen), thickness of the femoral (distal and posterior medial/lateral), and tibial (medial/lateral) resections were measured intra-operatively. The average total of all bone resection measurements for iTotal was 27% (14mm) less than for the off-the-shelf total knee. Additionally, the total thickness of the iTotal implants was 25% (15.7mm) thinner on average than the off-the-shelf implants.

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