Patient Advocate: Irene Passani

Irene Passani

Patient Advocate

When debilitating knee pain began to leave Irene Passani unable to perform simple tasks like walking her dog or taking a flight of stairs without hopping on one foot, she and her husband began to research treatment options. She visited 6 orthopedic doctors before landing on Dr. Barry Waldman, who introduced her to the Conformis technology and informed her about what to expect after knee replacement.

Q: When did you have your surgery?

A: I had my surgery in April 2011

Q: What made you decide to get knee replacement surgery?

A: The pain that I had before surgery kept me from really living my life, because I’m a very active person and I like to do things on the spur of the moment, and that was not an option. It was hard for me to even get into the car because it was hard for me to bend my leg, so it took me two minutes to get into my seat. It was not possible for me to ride my bike anymore, and I even had to contemplate whether I would go up a large flight of steps. So I would choose the elevator instead and that’s not me at all!

Q: You say Conformis "just made sense" to you. Why is that?

A: My knee was something that was made to fit me personally as an individual, and all the other options were basically small, medium, large. That doesn’t make any sense! We don’t buy our shoes small, medium, large or anything else. It has to be precise fit and especially a device that compensates for something that was injured, it only makes sense that you would have something made that would be customized to fit to your body, your physique and everything else.

Q: What are you doing now that you've had your knee replacement?

A: Before surgery one of my legs was bowed out to the point where it was hard to ride my bike or kickbox, and now I’m able to return to those things. After the surgery I realized that there’s an amazing truth that you should never, ever give up hope. There is always a solution for everything and there’s nothing that you can’t do. Once your pain is gone you feel like you can conquer the world. That’s exactly how I felt since I’ve recovered and I’ve gotten this new implant.


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