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Conformis does something we believe no other implant company does: we put the patients at the center of the implant design process. By combining 3D imaging technology with state of the art manufacturing capabilities, we make each implant to fit that patient’s unique anatomy.

The advanced technology and design of Conformis implants, paired with our unique, targeted marketing efforts, can help you attract more private pay patients, improve efficiencies both in and out of the OR suite, and lower costs over the entire episode of care.

Download the brochure below to learn more about our product offering, efficiency and outcomes data, implant survivorship information, and targeted marketing efforts.

Educação Médica

Upcoming opportunities to train with skilled Conformis surgeons

Educação Médica

Sobre a Conformis

Começamos com uma ideia simples: fazer com que o implante se encaixe ao paciente, ao invés de forçar o paciente a se encaixar ao implante

Sobre a Conformis

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