Boston Globe - "Boomers are going bionic, and they want joint replacements to let them do it all"

“The baby boomer explosion is a big deal in health care,” said Conformis chief executive Mark Augusti. “Technology has to be part of the solution. Baby boomers expect to be more active as they get older and have higher expectations about quality of life in their later years.”

Stephanie Donvan, 60, of Arlington, who received a Conformis knee replacement in May, recalled feeling like she was “carrying a dead tree trunk” before the surgery.

Now, she said, “I’m out walking my Lab about five miles a day, every day. I can run in the snow and ride my bike. I have complete range of motion . . . We want to keep going till we’re in our 80s or 90s. We don’t want to give up all the things we’re doing.”

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